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About Tropical Health Foods TM Carao

Tropical Health Foods LLC Carao natural blood builder is 100% pure raw concentrated extract of the fruit of a wild tropical forest tree called "carao" (Cassia Grandis, right).  

Note that carao is not the same as carob.  Carao only grows wild in Central America.  Unlike carob, there are no commercial plantations of carao.

Carao fruit has demonstrated an amazing ability to generate both hemoglobin (the oxygen-transporting constituent of blood) and red blood cells during 3 years of scientific studies carried out in Venezuela and Nicaragua (Click HERE for details.)  It has long been known in Central American folk medicine as a natural anti-anemic, as well as a builder of strength and vigor. 

Central American folk medicine recommends carao fruit for:

Many athletes and weightlifters have reported amazing benefits from carao.

Tropical Health Foods Carao contains 100% pure raw carao essence (no pulp) of highest quality- absolutely no other ingredients.  Our unique LTE (low-temperature evaporation) system ensures the highest food value, highest concentration, and best flavor.  

Due to the extreme concentration, it is sometimes diluted for consumption with milk or soy milk.  With either milk or soy milk, it has a sweet, chocolaty flavor.  (However, milk may rob some nutritional benefit.)  It requires no refrigeration, since the high concentration of natural sugars prevents spoilage, similar to bee's honey.  The shelf life is about 24 months at room temperature.  The recommended daily amount for adults both as an anti-anemic and as an athletic supplement is 4 teaspoons.

The production of Tropical Health Foods carao is very limited.  There are, we believe, no commercial plantings of carao trees, and we are to-date the world's only supplier of pure carao.  Sparsely-scattered wild trees are the only supply.  Picking requires difficult and dangerous climbing of the often-enormous trees.

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