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 100% Pure Cassia Grandis, 6995mg per teaspoon!
  Since 2002, still the only pure raw-extraction carao available worldwide.

Recommended by a 2-time Olympian!

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Tropical Health Foods Carao (formerly Tropical Wonder Carao) is a 100% natural muscle and fitness and weight training food from the tropical forest of Costa Rica.

Tropical Health Foods carao was originally introduced to the world in 2002 as a natural anti-anemic.  However, athletes and weight training enthusiasts soon discovered its amazing tonic effect.  This is not surprising, as it is famous in Costa Rica as a muscle and fitness builder.

Large numbers of athletes posted their great results on the Elite Fitness discussion boards.  Comments like:

"Basically, without exaggeration, in the class of performance enhancement, this is THE most powerful supplement I have ever used by a far margin.

Carao has quickly risen in my mind as the most precious natural supplement I have come across!  I am utterly amazed by this stuff."   R.M.

"I am a 2nd time user and love your product it gives some awesome endurance... Hopefully you can get back to me ASAP because without carao my running and lifting is down and can't do without it for this moment. I am a competitive athlete and just want to have some kind of advantage since I get tested every month for steroids..."

You can have my initials on it and definitely put it in the testimonials because the product is great, I LOVE IT!  - F.C.

We have sponsored 3 Olympic-category athletes with a supply of Tropical Health Foods carao.  All 3 have had positive results with the product.  They wish to remain anonymous to avoid commercial undertones.  One of them comments:

I wanted to tell you that I am almost done with the first bottle and am pretty impressed with how I have been feeling and training.  For the past two weeks I have been training in Colorado which is about 6,035 feet up from sea level.   Normally when I go up there I have a hard time getting through my training at the level I would like to but this year I felt as if I breezed through it.

I have surprised myself in practice a number of times already and really attribute it to your product. I feel as if it is my freshman year all over again when I made huge leaps within the sport.

R.B. (athlete in Olympic training)

Another, an Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer, states:

I'm a very competitive high level athlete and have tried many different supplements that are allowed by the International Olympic Committee. None of these supplements can compare to Tropical Wonder Carao natural blood builder.  Within a couple weeks I noticed tremendous improvements in both the strength and endurance.  My ability to train harder and longer has resulted in the best performances of my life.
2-Time Olympian

For many more comments by athletes and weight training enthusiasts,  see the muscle and fitness testimonials.

Not only has Tropical Health Foods carao boosted athletic strength and endurance, but it was also reported by many of these same athletes to lift libido.  

Tropical Health Foods carao is 100% pure concentrated extract of the fruit of a variety of cassia grandis (carao), a wild tropical forest tree.  Picking the woody fruits involves difficult and dangerous tree-climbing.  The extract is made using a unique LTE (low-temperature evaporation) process, which gives highest quality and concentration.  Supply is very limited, as there are no commercial plantings of carao trees.

Tropical Health Foods carao comes with a no-time-limit money-back guarantee of satisfaction. 


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